PAISAJE SINTETICO series of abstract landscapes

PAISAJE SINTETICO – a series of abstract landscapes

The time that Alvarone spent in Spain was very prolific. There he created a series of abstract landscapes called PAISAJE SINTETICO. These pictures, intense in color and synthetic in form, come from the Andalusian land. Most of his works from Jerez de la Frontera, were works associated with fields, views of vast backwaters and thickets, with intense colors of sunsets. This series of landscapes include paintings saturated with the rays of the sun low above the horizon. Sunrises and sunsets are extraordinary natural phenomena.

Ivo Alvarone is considered an excellent draftsman and colorist. He paints mainly with acrylics, but he created some oil paintings. However, elements of symbolism and expressionism appear sporadically in his works. He gradually gave up pure, intense, decorative color in favor of quality painting. Artwork by Alvarone remains a separate phenomenon not subject to the main trends in painting of the present times.

His series of abstract landscapes are a phenomenon that is easily recognizable thanks to a specific range of colors and drawings. These artworks constitute a kind of calendar of travels around Andalusia. Often in compositions depicting vast spaces, Moreover, Alvarone included individual trees, most often with Art Nouveau drawing, acting as a loner in a lush landscape.

Spanish landscapes – series of abstract landscapes

Alvarone gradually abandoned the oil technique and increasingly used acrylic, as well as ink. He used some solutions of expressionism, painting landscapes and genre scenes with strong lighting effects. This series of landscapes is full of light. Atmospheric views, trees, meadows, fields, hills, the coast.

The last works of the series of landscapes PAISAJE SINTETICO are compositions documenting fields. Maintained in a characteristic convention based on presenting an elusive, vast space. The picture is sometimes varied with a single accent. It can depict fields, the surface of water bodies, thickets, sunlight illuminating abstract clouds.

PAISAJE SINTETICO is a series of abstract landscapes which are a subjective vision of reality. For example, the evolution of the painter’s work at that time is perfectly illustrated by black and white drawings with the essence of drawing perfection. It is difficult to find a reference to a specific direction in art. A frequent theme of the works in this series are landscapes with sharply outlined, rhythmic fields.