PAISAJE SINTETICO – landscape painter

Ivo Alvarone – landscape painter

Ivo Alvarone is a landscape painter. He loves nature, space and its infinity. He can contemplate nature around him for hours. He analyzes it, breaks it down into colors, tones and accents. He makes hundreds of small sketches to remember the uniqueness of places. To preserve the uniqueness of the light.

As a landscape painter, he creates views. In his works, he highlights the difference between the time and place of the creation of a work with color. A moment is enough for the landscape to change. Every painter is sensitive to color and light. Alvarone is a typical landscape painter who describes nature. Initially, he dealt with realistic painting, especially with landscapes, which became his specialty. Apart from landscapes, he painted still lifes. His work gradually evolved towards synthetic abstract compositions inspired by the landscape. He calls himself a landscape painter.

Ivo Alvarone creates landscapes characterized by a vivid range of colors. He takes part in plein-airs, shows and exhibitions. Initially, he painted mainly landscapes depicting mountains. As a landscape painter, small and skilfully painted landscape compositions brought him extraordinary success on an international scale. As a landscape painter, he willingly shows nature in conditions. He enriches his compositions with expressive representations of trees against the background of a frosty background.

Synthetis abstract painting

His paintings, deeply embedded in the style of synthetic abstract painting, depict genre scenes from fields, meadows, forests and mountains. The artist, as experienced landscape artist, focuses on unique ranges of colors. The latest period in the artist’s work is strongly influenced by open-air painting, i.e. the tendency to paint views of nature in the open air. Ivo Alvarone creates primarily acrylic technique on canvas, and the dominant themes of his works are landscapes and synthetic nature scenes.

The nature of the abstract landscape does not differ from the representational painting. Ivo tries to recreate it with layers of wet paint. The color used in the paintings mixed with a binder emphasizes the relationship between the painting and nature, with the landscape. The landscape painted abstractly, is alive and allows for spontaneous associations.