Ivo Alvarone – LAND-ESCAPE – Emotional Expressionist

Ivo Alvarone is an Emotional expressionist artist. A very private contemporary abstractionist creating mostly acrylic and mixed media watercolors and acrylics in small format. The small format of artworks allows him to paint freely, giving the impression of a general sketch. Studying each of his works, however, we see a well-thought-out composition, a perfectly selected range of colors.

As an Emotional Expressionist, he paints vividly, using a rich color palette. The colors he uses are saturated and full of life. He uses such a range of colors with virtuosity, while taking care of the form. Flat splashes of color contrast with delicate marks and details. It takes full advantage of the texture which che reates with brush strokes.

Emotional Expressionism

The painterly style of emotional expressionism emphasizes the artist’s emotional approach to the subject. We have the impression that Ivo is particularly sensitive to the world around him. The artist differentiates similar compositions with surprising color ranges. He combines several ways of painting in one painting. Watching a series of works is an interesting experience. The sets additionally inspire the viewer to emotional associations.

Like many emotional expressionist, Ivo creates very spontaneously. He paints decisively, almost without corrections. Simple and flat forms are combined with delicate textures, for instance. As a result, the brush marks on the painted base are very expressive.

Emotional expressionist in his paintings exudes a full range of intense colors. Full palette, high contrast. It creates color and value contrasts. Alvarone’s painting workshop is distinctive and perfectly matched. His work shows a decidedly and thoughtful artistic approach. Comparing this with an emotional approach gives interesting and so unique effects.

The Land-Escape series consists of synthetic landscapes with a strong composition. Landscape is only an excuse for an artist and It is the basis for a compositional idea. The variety of works is amazing. Unpretentiously simple layouts lead directly to the painting concept.