LAND-ESCAPE Winter abstract painting

Ivo Lavarone abstract painting

In the semantic layer, abstract painting can contain anything. These are both emotions and social considerations, philosophical concepts, and cultural problems. These may be topics of interest to the author, about which he usually does not talk directly. Ivo Lavarone studies landscapes in the series LAND-ESCAPE. The painter’s idea is that the painting should be alive, in constant interaction with the viewer. Variability, continuous evolution, which is to give the viewer an almost sensual pleasure of communing with a constantly changing view, an illusion. 

Alvarone’s abstract painting presents an imaginary linear internal world. Pictures create a new reality framed by layers of colors and convexities, expressive structures and forms made of dense, strongly sensual granularity. The artist juxtaposes calm surfaces with fragments that are shiny, glaze translucent, or shiny metallic. For this, he uses a wide range of painting media. Through these techniques, he alludes to delusional hopes, appearances, delusions and illusions. It is an emanation, a poem about the individuality of feeling, a field for getting to know your emotions.

Ivo Lavarone abstract painting is a fascinating mirage that engages the viewer, it is a play of light, reflections and its absorption. The artwork is constantly changing. The viewer perceives it differently depending on the place from which it is viewed, depending on the lighting. In Alvarone abstract painting deep dark, matte fragments with thick sand paint, with an expressive drawing, absorb light. Others, covered with thick glass varnish, emit intense reflections: the color covered with them disappears and the reflected light is revealed. Metallic surfaces have their own color, shine with aluminum green, copper and gold, aniline blue.

Technique and materials

Thanks to technical measures and the materials used, the abstraction becomes an autonomous object that spins its eternal, imaginary story. It gives the viewer a unique pleasure. Because it results from the structure of the images and the materials used to create them. Apart from playing with light and color, the artist tries to influence other senses. He suggests that the viewer touch his paintings. The palette of experiences when perceiving abstract painting is unlimited. In the applied matter painting, it affects other senses. Mirages are temporary, they disappear, appear, do not last. It is fascinating, it is intriguing. This is the essence of abstract painting.