Ivo Alvarone INTERVIEW – landscape painter

Ivo Alvarone INTERVIEW – landscape painter

Painting is a message. What’s important in yours?

Ivo Alvarone: The subject of my painting is nature, especially landscape. I use traditional materials, paints and a brush on paper or canvas. My paintings are made in a spontaneous dance when the  brush movement meets the canvas. When painting, I don’t feel the need to go back and correct. It is an emotional, spontaneous and sincere record.

A very private, even intimate, but also magical message!

Ivo Alvarone: I am a landscape painter. I take painting personally as a description of my emotions. And emotions are light. Light is color. Capturing the light is all! As a painter, I always remember the light from where I painted. Light is my inspiration. Its elusive quality changes the landscape in just seconds. I try to convey this sense of place and time by capturing its fleeting magic. Yes, it’s a very intimate process.

You are an abstract painter …

Ivo Alvarone: Abstract painting always has secrets. My works often deal with non-obvious, general issues. One of the most important is the pursuit of unattainable inner harmony. Only through abstraction is it possible.

All my creative activity can be described as a process of  improvement. I achieve the effect in painting through internal reflection and external intervention. Important features, important for the sphere of individual artistic perception, are external interactions in relation to the motives and intentions of creating.

And an artistic challenge?

Ivo Alvarone: Mine is about capturing the uniqueness of a moment and a place. My goal is to inspire viewers of my works to take a closer look at the world around them. I would like them to discover beauty in typical places and moments. Because beauty is a way of looking at the world.

Your painting creativity evolves around studying your world through yourself?

Ivo Alvarone: Getting outside of myself is my goal. Through my work, I try to get outside. While I’m not trying to portray real objects, I want my artworks to appear as if they are part of other spaces. Painting beautiful surroundings reminds us of the surroundings and helps us reconnect with nature.

Tell about the painting process itself

Ivo Alvarone: As a landscape painter I start painting with a general idea of ​​color and composition that I would like to achieve. Over time, the painting process becomes more of an experimental conversation than a planned act. Each subsequent layer of paint is a reaction to the previous layer. Each exposed detail is an element of the dialogue between me and the image. I found that the most interesting conclusions emerged from the conversations in which I listened carefully.

My favorite medium is acrylic paint. It allows for very emotional painting – it dries very quickly. This feature reflects my temperament. I act impulsively, I don’t want to wait too long between adding more elements to the canvas. I apply multiple layers of paint adding and never removing elements, which gives a more sensitive and delicate effect. Thanks to this, I can achieve balance – create on the border of consciousness and subconsciousness. I react and paint without planning, with more impulsive than controlled decisions.

You are landscape painter. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Ivo Alvarone: Frequent travels inspired me with landscapes full of vivid colors and various textures. I try to capture what arises in my mind: memories, dreams, visions. For me, painting is a dialogue between the artist and the work of art. I can start the painting with an idea, but the ending is an absolute surprise for me. It is best to listen to your interior, and not impose your ideas in advance, plan the end result.