EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPE Autumn abstract pieces of art

Lay hold of light is everything! As a painter, he always remembers the light at places where he was painting. Light is my inspiration. Its elusive quality changes the landscape in just a few seconds. Ivo Alvarone tries to convey this sense of place and time by capturing its fleeting magic. That’s why abstract landscape is for him the optimal medium of creation.

IVO ALVARONE  Emotional Abstract Landscapes

The subject of Ivo Alvarone abstract landscapes is nature, especially traditional landscape. For that Ivo uses traditional materials, paints and a brush on paper or canvas. Ivo Alvarone try to render movement and life. Everything is captured in a spontaneous dance and brush movement when it meets the canvas. When painting on canvas he does not feel the need to go back and correct. It is an emotional, spontaneous, honest record. Alvarone treats painting personally as an expression of his emotions.

“My work often deals with non-obvious, general issues. One of the most important is the pursuit of unattainable internal harmony. I am fascinated by the inner life of people and my paintings are a reflection of it. They are not figurative compositions. They are studies of symbolism and cognitive mechanisms. Form and ideas are abstract, the emotion and thoughts should come from the viewer. The creation process is driven by personal experiences, altered states of consciousness.“

Abstract landscapes has always its secrets. 

Where do painters get their ideas for an abstract landscape? It’s hard to explain because it comes from the way each artist perceives a landscape. For Ivo, landscape is not only trees and hills, but shapes and colors. When painting, it restricts details to basic forms. There is a huge potential of abstraction in every landscape.

An abstract landscape is also about emotions. The basic medium is always light, it creates the atmosphere of the place. Another area of inspiration is the artist’s own emotions. By translating emotions into an abstract landscape, the artist tells his own story. The choice of forms and colors reflects the artist’s private mood. This is how ”Emotional Landscapes” were created.