Black and white drawings WINTER LANDSCAPES

Winter sketches – black and white drawings

Sketches, black and white drawings, are an interesting area of ​​the painter’s work. Artists often make hundreds of sketches before working on a painting or series of works. Synthetic black and white ink drawings on paper are an effective way to improve the painting technique. Many artists use it, not only for learning and practicing, but also for preparing other works.

Ivo is an abstract painter. He paints small pictures, synthetic in form and rich in color. Ivo claims that only black and white drawing can convey the beautiful simplicity of a landscape. They are perfect exercises for him, because they allow for a quick, even sketchy form of creation.

Fattening and dry brush – these are the tools needed to create a black and white drawing. They allow the artist to get a unique drawing on paper, rough and very emotional. That is why every stain, every line must be well thought out and full of meaning. Strong contrasts of white paper and dark brush marks show the artist’s expression. As he paints quickly, the impression of the works is very impressionistic. What counts is the general impression, the captured fleeting moment, the fragment of the world that fascinated the artist. Therefore, his works are very diverse. What counts for an artist is impulse, fleeting emotion and impression.

Drawing technique

Alvarone paints a la prima black and white drawings because he is constantly looking for inspiration. His sketchbook is full of simple and unique works. The speed of draft work allows you to record unique moments, views and emotions. It does not dilute the ink, does not use halftones – they are obtained by a special dry brush technique. Moreover, the effect is amazing. Simple but full of nuances. Used technique refers to Japanese and Chinese painting.

The collection of black and white drawings presents winter landscapes. The white color of snow helps the artist to synthesize the landscape. A few characters make a sketch rich in form. For example, all drawings are made with a dry brush that leaves a complicated mark on the paper. Black and white drawing is a world drawn with emotions.