Alla prima painting by Ivo Alvarone at IAXAI

Ivo Alvarone alla prima painting

Ivo Alvarone applies alla prima painting. He does not accidentally put any spot of color, no line. Painting according to him is not a random process, but a fully controlled one by the creator. Each gesture, each brush stroke is a record of the history of the image’s creation. The artist leaves nothing to chance.

The alla prima painting technique requires determination and precision from the artist. As a result, the works are spontaneously fresh and radiate naturalness. Drawing is a very important element in the artist’s painting technique. It plays a huge role in building a composition. It creates the structure of the picture, it is its skeleton. The drawing gives the image a clear and unambiguous form. It divides the composition into zones of silence and accent chords.

The artist uses a free line in his drawing. His every gesture and every move is marked by the unique character of his own style. It is characteristic of painting alla prima. This way of drawing dominates in the author’s technique. The drawing gives shape and character to the compositions. The drawing style is in line with the lyrical abstraction practiced by the painter.

Ivo Alvarone draws decisively. He wants to reflect the mood of the moment in this way. He doesn’t want to influence his initial decisions. The color spot or line must be correct. It requires focus and concentration. Years of experience, learned habits and repetitive behaviors are needed for painting alla prima.

In alla prima painting, each painting mark is left on the canvas with the thought that it will stay there permanently. The artist neither repaints nor changes, nor does he improve his works. Alvarone works like a musician from start to finish. The chord once struck resonates and remains permanently in the picture. Ivo will not cover it with another layer of paint, it will not be scratched or corrected.